5 Fishing Guides for Beginners

Elizabeth Myers
May 22, 2017
  1. Easy to Use Tackle – the fishing gear of a beginner should be easy and simple.
  2. Where to Fish – you can fish in lakes, ponds and beaches where it is an open area.
  3. Easy to Catch Fish – For beginners, you should include hooked fish, and pick the right time so that you can get an action.
  4. Repeating the steps makes you a master – practice makes you perfect, you’re skill will be improved when you practiced from time to time.
  5. Be focus and keep it short – shorter trip for fishing is the best, so that beginners will not burned out.

Essentials Equipments for Fishing

Elizabeth Myers
April 27, 2017
  • Tackle

    • Beginners should start out with versatile tackle suitable for all fish and fishing styles.
  • Rod and reel sets

    • Masters usually customize their equipment by purchasing accessories separately, but as a beginner you’ll be all set with the basics.
  • The line

    • it is sold in different diameters according to lifting power.
  • Hooks

    • The higher the number, the smaller the hook, but a beginner can start to 1 to 2 sizes.
  • Baits and lures

    • This is an artificial objects used like decoys to attract fish and get them to take the bait. Usually, worms and insects is very common to used as bait.
  • Sinkers (lead) and floaters

    • Sinkers are used to stabilize your line, while floaters are used to keep the bait closer to the surface and to let you know when you’ve got a bite.
  • Fishing license

    • You may need a permit and some restrictions may apply, depends on where you’re fishing.

After 8 deaths, the State bans fishing at lake Naivasha

Elizabeth Myers
April 17, 2017
The Government has banned night fishing in Lake Naivasha. Last week, two fishermen drowned near Kasarani beach while on a fishing mission. Issuing the ban, Naivasha sub-county commissioner Isaac Masinde said they were working with the department of fisheries to enforce the directive. …

Spring-time river fishing

Elizabeth Myers
April 13, 2017

Spring is here, and it restores nature to its glory. Anglers are eager to gear up and return to tackling the waters. Lakes are not the only good place for some spring-time fishing. There is some particularly good action to be found in creeks and rivers during the season of renewal.


We saw that in order to find the fishiest parts of the rivers, we have to move away from the main channel. We look for the creeks and tributaries instead, much more likely to contain fish. Avoiding the currents, if possible – shallow and flat creeks with no current are the best spots. The water levels rise during spring, due to the snow melting or rainfall. Therefore, fish such as small-mouth bass will avoid the large currents created by this increase in water, preferring to move towards calmer areas. Banks and eddies are good locations to search for such fish:

It’s also a good idea, as we found, to move away if the water is muddy. Try to find solid ground, as bass can be a feisty fish!


Here are some lures that we found work great in the spring, if you want to catch bass (and other fish as well):


-these attract the bass in a unique manner, using blades that flash, catching a bass’ attention


-these type of lures are most versatile when it comes to bass-fishing, as they’re good for any season, not just spring



  • this lure is quite advanced, as it comes in a ton of variations, but when the right one is chosen correctly, it can provide better success than other types


The general tactic that we found works best is to divide the creek in sections, look for the best spot in each section. Don’t waste more than 10 or 15 minutes in each of these, if the fish aren’t biting, move on to the next portion of the creek. If you can find it, try to use trees or rocks to conceal yourself as much as possible, as bass is known to move upstream during spring to lay eggs.


Since you won’t find them in groups, it’s not worth your time to stay too much, even if the spot looks very promising at first. 10 casts are usually enough to determine if a spot is good or not. Move on after the 10th consecutive unsuccessful cast.


As a final note on bass-fishing: keep in mind that this being their time to spawn and become fatter, it’s also a chance to catch a really good one. However, it’s also likely that you’ll find a couple of small fishes – we recommend letting these go, as they’ll grow in size and numbers.…

Ice Fishing Gearing Up

Elizabeth Myers
April 7, 2017

Artificial Sweeteners

Rods, Reels And Line

Electronic Eyes

Drill Corps

Dress For Success

Famous Celebrities Who Likes Fishing

Elizabeth Myers
February 23, 2017

Wade Boggs

Jimmy Johnson

Andy Mill

Cory Wells

Bill Engvall

Ernest Hemingway

Fishing at Public Area

Elizabeth Myers
January 25, 2017

Senc Fishing next excursion was at Public Fishing Area. We placed a piece of bait on number 12 hook, we dropped it at larger rocks that likely looks some fish would hide under them. Our 1st catch were some species that were not supposedly be at our spot.

The water was very clean and the fish was visible below. So, we able to catch some individual fish. We saw Opaleye, after some tries we were able to get one to eat our bait.

Opaleyes & Blennies are the most common fish that we able to catch, but when the sun began to set it’s hard to catch fish because instead of catching fish I ended up catching sand bass.

Fishing at public area was pretty impressing, next time we would like to explore further from lagoon to see if there are other kind of species that might be hiding from rocks.…

Catching Fish Day and Night

Elizabeth Myers
December 20, 2016

Senc Fishing drove to a place where we enjoyed the cool weather and some few baits. We used 2 rods and 1 larger hook, bait for rays and sharks also for smaller one that are around. Our baiting was slow, after a few hour passed a fish got our bait at last, the fish was small but strong .

Either that night was not right for fishing? Or our spot is not good. The next day, it was amazing that we caught many fish. The area is full, that it looks like the fish are waiting to bait.…

How to Set the Hook?

Elizabeth Myers
November 16, 2016

Before setting  the hook, you need to be cautious and try to bait the fish, you can set the hook after you feel its weight.

2 Steps to Set the Hook

  1. To set the hook, you need to look the signs  like the robber is being pulled under the water, or you feel a tug on your fishing line and when it starts moving.
  2. Keep your line tight and reel in slack with your bait. It helps you aware that the fish took the bite, and from then you need to be in a good position to set the hook.

The steps in setting the hook is pretty simple. But, it’s hard to tell whether you have a bite, only feeling the current, or bumping the fish using the bait. The more time you spend on the water, the more you learn about the fish you want to caught, the better it will be.


Beach at Night

Elizabeth Myers
October 10, 2016

Senc Fishing planned to fish some Sharks and Rays at a beach. We caught our first fish, it was strong and big that almost bring as down. One of our technique was were tired,  our rod tip will be pointing straight to the fish  and we walk backwards until it reach 30 or less feet from the water, after that we would put the rod tip in the air and line the reel as we back at the water. This technique was pretty easy especially when getting the fish off under the water.…